Monday, March 10, 2008

A Book Meme

I still don't know what a Meme is (anyone care to enlighten me?), but fun Amanda tagged me for this one. So here goes!

Here's how she explains the rules: "Look up from the computer, look around the room where you're sitting and pick up the closest book. And closest really means closest. No cheating by running upstairs to unearth your pink-highlighted college copy of The Critique of Pure Reason or the Prolegomena. Open the book, turn to page 123, count down to the fifth sentence on that page, and then post the next three sentences."

Well, I happen to have a stack of books next to my computer, so I just chose the one on top. I guess it counts. It's a bible study book. The one below that is a bible study book too. Then a book of poetry. Then several children's books. So there you go. :-) This is from a Bible Study I'm about to start: Discerning the Voice of God by Priscilla Shirer. You know whats funny? Page 123 is totally the leaders guide...directions for leading the group. So much for getting to be super spiritual! ha!

1. Have paper and pens or pencils available for use during the session.

2. Preview video session 1.

3. Look through the entire book to familiarize yourself with the content and Bible-study method.

Oh my word, that's just too funny! Okay, so I tag:



Addison said...

you're a nerd. I just posted so I'll fill it out in my next post.

Amanda said...

Thanks for playing along!

The Dukes Family said...

That's funny!