Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Perils of Potty Training

My sweet Emma has been performing rather well at her potty-training task. She wears panties 24/7 and rarely has an accident. However, today has been quite challenging for her...she has a tummy bug. She has been running to the potty all day it seems.

At one point this afternoon, I went to check on her in the bathroom. While sitting atop her throne, Emma informed me: "Mommy, I'm tired of pooping. I've been pooping all day. I QUIT!"

Oh my word, that made me laugh so hard. Poor thing, I understand. Would be nice if we could just up and quit, huh?


Randi said...

That's hilarious (in a sad way). Yay for Emma - sounds like she's really got it down!

In His Grip said...

I love the song that goes with this post. Sorry Emma. Can't wait to hear next week's song.