Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Random Tag

i am: procrastinating
i think: I might watch a girly movie, since Scott's away
i know: that Jesus loves me
i want: for Scott to return from China
i have: a case of insomnia lately

i wish: that I were a perfect mommy
i hate: that I don't exercise
i miss: my best girlfriend - Teresa
i fear: never changing, always dealing with the same sin issues over and over
i feel: thoughtful
i hear:
my children winding down for the night
i smell: the air from the air conditioner - it's cold air and yes, it smells
i crave: solitude
i search: for old friends on facebook - ha!
i wonder: who my children will become
i regret: being stubborn with the Lord, knowing that when I do submit - peace comes
i love: thunderstorms and jane austen novels
i ache: for my brother and family to know Jesus
i care: that my children will know Jesus
i always: drink Diet DP - AMEN?
i am not: going to bed anytime soon
i believe: tomorrow will be a productive day
i dance: like Elaine on Seinfeld heh heh
i sing: constantly
i don't always: hold my tongue
i fight: submission
i write: expressively; I feel I communicate better on paper
i win: rarely ever
i lose: my keys, my debit card, my cell phone all the stinkin' time!

i never: graduated college.... :-(
i confuse: my husband
i listen: to my friends with heart felt emotion
i can usually be found: with my children and a Diet DP in hand, most likely from Sonic
i am scared: that my husband will die in a plane crash; he travels so much
i need: some serious time at a spa
i am happy about: the prospect of a productive week, and my husband coming home next weekend!

I tag: all my friend who are reading this. Leave a comment and let me know you're going to participate. Enjoy!


Amy said...

Cool post! Maybe I'll play tomorrow. Not enough brain cells left today. :)

I miss my hubby too, but he is only working non-stop in the metroplex. Sorry you have to spend so much time without Scott!

Sweet Dreams, Friend.

Emily said...

I did it! I loved yours!

Randi said...

Wow, things I didn't know about Eliz. I didn't know this started with you ... very fun!

i am: so glad I know you.