Saturday, August 30, 2008

Emma Turns Four!

My baby girl turned four this past week. We have had such fun celebrating her, Ian and Scott over the past weeks. It's a month long party at our house this time each year! And for the next few months, my babies will be 6, 5 and 4 years old; it helps justify the craziness that is my family when I think of their ages being so close. :-)

We started the celebration off last Friday with a combined birthday party for Ian and Emma at Chuck E. Cheese's. Most likely this will be the last year I can do that - I'm sure Ian will want an "all boy" party next year. They invited a few of their closest friends from church and The Cube, and had lots of fun! Emma wanted a princess cake, and Ian wanted a Lightning McQueen cake, and Tom Thumb did a fabulous job making it happen.

On Sunday, Mimi (my mom) and I took Emma to the American Girl Botique and Bistro for a celebration. Emma had been looking forward to this outing more than any other part of her birthday. The boys (including daddy) were SO tired of hearing Emma talk about going to the "dolly store!" The AG Bistro does such a fabulous job of putting together a girly lunch. The sandwiches and fruits are cut in fun shapes, the birthday cake was amazing, and even Bitty Baby gets her own menu. Emma felt loved and adored!

Finally, on Emma' s actual birth day (Tuesday) we had a celebration here at home. The traditional birthday muffin, along with gifts galore. The boys got her ponies (what is it with girls and their ponies?), and we got her a "rock star" outfit with microphone. This is what she really wanted! She immediately dressed up and gave us a concert - so precious!

That night as I put her to bed, I asked Emma, "So how does it feel to be four years old?" She replied in her ever dramatic way, "Mom, it's like, just SO AWESOME! I mean, I feel like a rock star!" Sweet girl, dream away! What a blessing she is to our family!
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sjh said...

What a rock star! Can't believe she's 4! Happy Birthday Emma!

Doll Clothes Gal said...

Hi - love your blog. Looks like Emma had wonderful birthday. I love the way you put the photos all together in a square.

Amy said...

That is an ADORABLE picture of Miss Em! It totally captures her!

In His Grip said...

How precious. I don't even recognize Emma. Maybe it's the bangs or something but she looks so different and grown up. How fun. Glad you had such fun memories.

Randi said...

What a great celebration! She's getting so big.

DeDe said...

How sweet ... my, how time flys by girl!!!

Londonsgirl said...

Thank you for the encouragement that you left on my blog, Elizabeth! The Palin movement is incredible indeed. The absolute perfection of it all is sending goosebumps up everyone's arms as they realize what a treasure Sarah is to this nation. Cannot wait to see her in action in D.C.

Have a fantastic weekend!