Sunday, August 3, 2008

5 things I love about Ian...

In honor of my sweet boy turning 5 years old, I'm posting 5 things I love about Ian Weslee...

1. His tender heart. Ian has always been my sweet, tender hearted boy who is sensitive to others. If someone is sick, sad, or hurting, he is always right there to give hugs and kisses. He seeks out the brokenhearted.

2. His creativity. Ian is my creative one, and most often is found coloring, drawing, painting, or writing stories (in his own special script). He does NOT like to perform in front of others, but does enjoy showing off his creations.

3. His sensitivity to the things of God. When Ian first joined Upward Soccer, he carried his little Bible around everywhere, trying to read it. He said he wanted to know more and more about God. When he prays, he's either awfully silly or incredibly tender.

4. His desire to help. Ian always comes running when I (or anyone else) needs help doing something. He loves to have a clean room, loves helping tidy the house, and always wants to help cook or fold clothes. What a husband he will make one day!

5. His love for his siblings. Ian LOVES his big brother and little sister. Yes, they fight like wild animals, but oh how he loves them. I so enjoy hearing him playing "house" with Emma, and he calls her "dear" just like Scott calls me. They say they love each other and he takes such good care of her. I pray his relationship with them only grows and sweetens.

Ian, you are an amazing blessing to your family. I could list a million things that I love about you! We are so proud of you for being a courageous boy, for working hard at your speech, and for learning to obey mommy & daddy. We are so glad God chose you to be in our family!!! We know that God has great things in store for your giant heart - we will cheer you on each step of the way. We love you sweet one!


Amy said...

What a sweet, sweet post. You are a good mama!

Amanda said...

I totally swiped your idea for my anniversary post, though by accident. I wrote the same kind of post earlier today and am just now reading yours.

By the way, what a sweet post this is, and what a sweet boy Ian is. Happy birthday!

Michelle said...

He is so adorable. Can't believe he's five.