Monday, August 25, 2008

Sam's First Day of 1st Grade!

My baby boy started 1st grade on Monday. I am still in shock! The night before, he laid out his carefully chosen clothes, brushed his teeth, and allowed this mommy some snuggle time before sleep. I have some of my best conversations with Sam just before he sleeps - he's quite open and reveals much of his heart. That night, he reminded me that he would miss me all day, and that he wanted me to pray for him. He said he REALLY didn't want to go to public school. He wanted me to pack his lunch, but "no notes this year mom, they are embarrassing!"

The next morning, he requested eggs, bacon and sausage for breakfast, of which he only ate 2 pieces of bacon. :-) He told Ian and Emma that he would be gone all day, and that mom was going to pray for him. I'm glad that sunk in.

So we packed up, and headed to school. As we walked into the school, hand in hand, he whispered to me,

"Mooommmm, I really don't want to do this."

"I know baby."

"Mom, remember, we talked about this last night?"

"I know baby. You can do this. I'll be thinking of you all day."

We walked into his classroom, and he put his backpack in his little locker. Then we looked for his assigned seat, and noticed that the little girl next to his desk looked familiar. I told Sam I thought that was Hayley from preschool. He says, "Mom, I know...she's an old, old friend!" It was a little hug from God that morning, providing an "old, old friend" in a class where he thought he knew no one, and making him completely at ease.

So it was a good start to the school year - no hiding under a table in the corner of the classroom like last year, and more tangible evidence of God's provision and presence in Sam's life.

After we dropped Sam off, Scott and I took Ian and Emma to IHOP for our 2nd annual celebratory breakfast. We did this last year when Sam started Kindergarten. The babies had such fun having special time with us (after so much focus on Sam). It won't be much longer til they start kindergarten - whatever will I do then? :-)


Addison Eaton said...

"whatever will I do then??"

one word: shopping.


kingdom identity ministries???

totally kidding. :)

Amy said...

Sam looks so big... and then again, he looks so little standing by that big ol' locker.

Good job making it through the first day! And you've both almost made it through the first week now!!! Way to go!

sjh said...

Your kids are getting so big! Where did the babies go?? Sam is going to do great - I can't believe they have lockers in 1st grade! ha! We get a coat rack! Hope he is enjoying his new school, friends, and teachers. I'm sure he'll do just great!

Jenny James said...

So glad he's adjusting. I'm sure Sam will thrive in first grade! Your kiddos are so precious!

In His Grip said...

What a precious post. How has the week gone?

I heard you found a choir director for Little Crowns. Yeah, that's great. Hope it's great year for you guys.


DeDe said...

He is all grown up ... I can still remember hearing about him before he was born ... precious!!