Friday, August 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Ian!

My sweet Ian turned 5 last Sunday! How did that happen? I was just looking through his ABC scrapbook recently and was amazed how quickly the time has passed. I miss his precious curls and cute dimples...but I'm grateful for the boy he's becoming.

We started the day off with a traditional birthday muffin. I'll never forget on Ian's 2nd birthday, he reached out to touch the candle before I could stop him and burned himself. His pictures from that year are not so endearing. :-)

Ian decided he wanted hot dogs, hamburgers, cupcakes and ice cream for his family birthday party. So dad delivered! Scott started the grill in the awful heat, and made yummy burgers and dogs for us. Ian also requested sprinkles on his chocolate cupcakes with vanilla/blue icing, thank you very much! Mimi (my mom) and Uncle Carl (Scott's brother) made it for the party. He was surrounded by family and lots of love!

Decorating his cupcake

He gets so embarassed when we sing to him. I love how he looks to me for support. Sweet!

He loved opening his presents - he was so happy! He kept running around telling everyone, "thank you so much" for the gifts. It fills my heart to see my children so happy! A glimpse of how God must feel as he watches us experience His blessings. Happy Birthday Ian Weslee, you are loved!!!

One of Ian's favorite gifts...a Lightning McQueen tent. He's slept in it every night since.


Amy said...

Happy belated birthday Ian! You are a special boy!

Randi said...

What a sweet day!

(and look at you ... finally giving us some bloggy updates!)

Amanda said...

Happy birthday, sweet boy! Looks like a very fun day!