Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ian's Room Elements

My precious hubby just emailed me these pictures he'd taken of Ian's room this weekend. He didn't have time to offload the camera before he left on his trip. Thanks honey for sending them!

So we did a little work in Ian's room this weekend. It feels so good to get his room done. Sam's is next!

Ian is a huge "Cars" fan. Our sweet friend, Lori C., gave Ian these prints back when he was in her class. They are finally framed and on his wall!

My mom, "Mimi", found these pottery barn frames for a steal at a thrift shop. New with tags, for less than a buck (I think). She then took some fabric she already had and put it in the frames. Very cute! We kind of have a stars/red, white and blue them going.

These are the old Pottery Barn letters from when Ian was a baby. (Pausing to reflect, okay.) He wanted his name up on the wall again, so there ya go. A small bulletin board made by Mimi, and a trusty t-rex. How can you go wrong?

This little locker is just precious and has a sweet story. Please read on...when we went to Sam's birthmom's parents house for Christmas, they heard me talking about trying to get some decorating done in our bedroom. They later called me to their garage which was stocked full of Home Interiors boxes (that's where Meemaw works). They previously talked and decided to bless us with loads of accessories! We are so, so thankful. We got some nesting tables, a Thomas Kinkade print, and this sweet locker among other things. You can't tell, but it has stars all around the edges. Sam was very sweet to let his brother have it since it matched his room best. Ian likes to put some of his puppies in it at night for sleeping. So sweet!

So there ya go! We also hung some cute curtains that my mom had made from red/blue ticking for Sam's room a long while back. Combined with some navy blue curtains, his window looks great. And it didn't cost us a dime! Wahoo! Thank You Jesus!

Now, off to Sam's room...that's going to take a while!


The Dukes Family said...

What a cute room ... so boyish and adorable. Love the locker, the letters, the framed pictures. It looks great!

Amy said...

So cute!

Jenny James said...

I'm sure Ian loves having a big boy room- and I'm sure you're sad to make it a big boy room! Good job, Eliz!

Amanda said...

That is a good looking boy's room. We need to do something in Bub's room -- it's a hodge podge of plastic and hot wheels.

Emily said...

What a great room and it sounds like you got some amazing deals!