Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Mother Lode!!!

Today was a wonderful sitter day for me...which means I had a day to play. No appointments, no lunch meetings, nada...so I drove to downtown Grapevine in search of one more thing to finish off Ian's room. Scott and I worked on his room all weekend and it is finished other than flooring and one more thing to put above his closet door. I didn't find that one thing, and think I will end up making it this weekend. But I did find a GREAT deal on Croc's! 12 bucks a pair for me, Ian and Emma. Scott and Sam are already supplied.

After running another couple of errands, I decided to check out Children's Place in Highland Village, and that's where I hit the jackpot, the mother lode, the deal of all deals. :-) My children don't need clothes for now, so I shopped for next winter. They were having a 50% off clearance. And the manager coaxed me into another 25% off my entire bill if I would get a credit card. We don't do credit (except for emergencies, which we've had plenty of last fall) so I at first was hesitant. But then he threw in the extra 25% off, and I had to say yes! He even let me pay cash for my purchases! So, I got well over $500 worth of clothes for a little less than $100! And some of it was even spring stuff for Emma.

Man, it feels good to get a deal! I'd lay all my purchases out and take a picture (like Jenny did once), but our camera is in Mexico with my husband. I hope they both come home soon! :-)


Jenny James said...

Nothing better than a good shopping deal! So glad you enjoyed your day. You deserve some "Eliz" time!

The Dukes Family said...

Fun day! Glad you had that time.

Amanda said...

Way to go -- what a great deal! The Children's Place last big clearance sale stock the kid's closets for this winter. Trying so hard to stay away!