Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Ups and Downs of My Sunday...

Today has been a mostly beautiful day. My mother took Sam and Emma yesterday, so we could have some "special time" with Ian. He soaked up the attention! He had much to tell us, many games to learn and play, and lots of drawing and crafting to do. It's good for the middle child to be an only child on occasion.

So this morning was spent as a family of three: lounging, playing, cleaning, playing, and preparing for two major events (Dallas Cowboys, Jane Austen). I left the house at 3pm to meet my mom just off Walnut Hill and 35. Not the best area of town, but a nice half-way point. Herein lies down number 1:

We were actually supposed to meet at 4, not 3:30pm. So, what does one do for 30 minutes (of course not realizing my mistake until 4) while waiting for mom and avoid getting mugged? I pull into the gas station and I clean out my car! (This would be up number 1)! So I did...clean out one side of my car which was closest to the trash can. Then I began to open the door to the other side of my car, and the Holy Spirit moved me to get in my car and lock the doors. Okay, obedience is a good thing. As soon as I did, a beggar walked up to my door. Yikes! (This is down #2) He went away, and I drove my car around the lot for several minutes until he and his friend drove away. Once I felt safe again, I completed cleaning out my car. (Up #2).

My children arrived safely at 4:05pm (Up #3), and I quickly made it home in time to watch the remainder of the game (Up #4). Only to watch us lose. (Down #'s 3-10).

But, alas, Jane Austen came to the rescue. Along with Captain Wentworth. (sighs) (This is up #'s 5-100, or enough to sustain me for at least a week). Yes, PBS began airing the Jane Austen works tonight, starting with "Persuasion." My sweet mom joined me in watching the movie (from her own home), and called me when it was over. As Jane would say, "It was all quite capital! Such felicity has never been known!"

Yes, life is good. :-)


Hannah said...

hi elizabeth! so glad i found your blog, i am still figuring out this whole blogging thing! love you!

Hannah said...

i miss our coffee dates too..we need to talk soon. love you!