Wednesday, February 13, 2008

More Stuff About Me...and I AM Weird!

My friend Amy tagged me, I have to come up with 7 things that are a bit odd about me. That should not be hard, and leaves me asking...only 7? :-)

1. Every night before I go to bed, I read the news on my cell phone. Yep, even if I've just read it on the computer or heard it on TV, I have to check in one more time before I sleep. I read news, check the weather, and catch up on celebrity gossip. Gotta make sure everyone's alive and well I guess.

2. Sometimes when I can't sleep, I will look at the time on the clock and then make the numbers total 7. For instance, if the time was 12:32, I would do this: 1x2+3+2=7 get it? Or what about 8:23 (the time now). 8 divided by 2 = 4, + 3 =7. Sometimes I have to get really creative with my math, but it works!

3. I always associate smells with vacations/trips. A sniff immediately takes me back. This is true of every fragrance I've ever worn. For example: Imari by Avon, London in College; Lubriderm lotion (for extra dry skin ha) London with Scott; Tiffany - New York City with Addi and Scott; Skin so soft bath oil - my grannie ruth's house; anything with coconut...jamaica with Scott (the resort we stayed at had this great bath and body works bath gel that was coconut, they unfortunately don't make it anymore).

4. Wow, I could mention some things here that would make you think I need some serious couch time at a therapists...ha! I won't indulge you though. Okay, I love to make lists. Of everything. Doesn't matter if I ever get to cross things off, or actually do any of the things on the lists. I just like making them. Hmmmmm, reminds me of someone else I know! But I think she actually does the things on her list. :-)

5. I hate tomatoes. No, that's not weird. But this is: I LOVE tomato soup, salsa, ketchup, anything tomato based. Yep, that's some good stuff there! Especially Heinz, right Amanda?

6. I went through a stage as a young girl (3-5th grades) where I seriously thought I was Wonder Woman. Bustier, golden rope, head piece and boots. You laugh? Well, one day I was looking out the window of our trailer house, and saw my brother getting in a fight across the street at the park. So I ran out the door of our trailer, standing near the porch, and did the special "twirl around" that Wonder Woman did. I was transformed. I raced over to my brother just in time to see him get knocked to the ground. Aw yeah, I'm invincible I tell you!

7. I love office supplies. LOVE THEM. I could spend hours at Staples, just browsing all the different types of pens. Dividers? Can't get enough of them. And sticky notes...oh, my, word! Just give them to me!

There you go people, I'm a nut. :-)

I now tag: Emily, Addi, and Michelle


Amy said...

I love office supplies too!!!

Goodnight, Wonder Woman!

Addison said...

you are a nut, but I am too thanks to your crazy genetics. lol

Amanda said...

What a nut! Hey, I'm with you on the Heinz, but other than that particular brand of Ketchup, I really don't even like tomatoes. I like them in chili, and sometimes in salads or on burgers, but they have to be really fresh or I toss 'em.

I love that you were Wonder Woman, and the fact that you're a list maker. Smells transport me, too. We're really alike, you and I.

The Dukes Family said...

I just figured out why we're friends - 7, 4 and 2 are totally me. The Wonder Woman thing is hilarious!!! Like so funny I'm cracking up with tears in my eyes!