Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My NYC Trip

I had such a great time in NYC! My sweet husband got me first class tickets for my trip, and I am so grateful. Although I hated being "looked at" while the coach passengers loaded. I saw some sweet famous people who had to sit in coach, and it made me feel bad...for a moment. ha! Paul and Teresa picked me up from the airport in New York, and we headed straight to their apartment. Their building is right on the Hudson River, with a beautiful esplanade that runs right along the river. It is so picturesque.

After I gave Teresa her necklace (James Avery's Four Seasons on a black cord) and her CD (of our favorite songs, thanks to Randi and Tara's idea), we headed down to my favorite pizza place for a slice. The tears started then for both of us. It's was just so good to be there.

That night, Teresa and Paul's friends had a "family dinner" to meet me, followed by American Idol and Wii playing. I am SO hooked! I've never laughed so hard! Oh my word! We also popped outside to see the eclipse...that was so great! Click here to see a video of that night:

Thursday, Teresa and I headed to Times Square to take pictures especially for Addi. Enjoy Addi - we had such fun taking them! We then went to Toys R Us to get gifts for my babies. That was one amazing store. A huge ferris wheel was in the main area, and enormous lego display's everywhere. Even a giant T-Rex!

Friday and Saturday were so laid back. We just hung out, and I loved it. I told Teresa it's so nice not to have an agenda or a list of places to go. It's like she lives in Abilene and I went to visit her for a week. We cried several times, it seemed, every day...but laughed 100 times more than that. Lots of walking dogs in the dog run, enjoying the snow, shopping, playing Wii, dinners out and reconnecting. I did manage to find Emma a beautiful Easter dress, and myself a Coach bag in Battery Park. I wasn't going to go to Chinatown, but some guys were selling them while we were out taking fun photos. So I thought, why not? If you've never tried Patsy's pizza in Chelsea, it's a must the next time you're in the city. It's my new favorite!

My sweet babies called me about 10 times a day; I loved hearing their curiosity about what I was doing. Emma asked me several times a phone call, "Mommy, are you coming home now?" It was nice to be missed!

Teresa, my heart, I love you! Thank you for an amazing week in NYC. For the laughs, the heart to hearts, the memories. You are and always will be my best.


The Dukes Family said...

What fun! I'm so glad you had that time!

Addison said...

I am glad you had so much fun and had a break from your insane schedule.

I LOVE the pictures you took for me. I've shown almost all my friends. :) So stinkin funny.

love you.

Amanda said...

Sounds like an amazing time... What a blessing.

Jenny James said...

Sounds like the trip was just what you needed. Glad you were able to have time away and just enjoy being with your friend.

In His Grip said...

I am so glad you had such a nice time. What fun memories you will have.

Addison said...

I got my package today!!! Thank you!!

One Busy Mom said...

Road trip!!!!