Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I have much to update on...but still no pictures! It seems quite impossible to update without the accompanying images, so I will wait. I can tell you that my trip to Winters, TX was memorable, fun, relaxing, and precious to my heart. The kids played hard, needed a good scrubbing bath each night, and my aunt and uncle were worn out in a good way!

The conference I went to last weekend was the best conference I've ever been to, second only to a Beth Moore conference. Too many times I leave a retreat feeling like I've had a good time, but that's about it. Too much fluff. This conference was the choicest meats presented beautifully on a silver platter. I am so full, convicted, inspired, refreshed. I will share more next week. But let me say this, if you've never been to a Sally Clarkson conference, you must go next year. In the meantime, read one of her books. So, so good.

Most importantly, my man came home late late Saturday night. His connecting flight from LA was delayed several times over. We got home around 11:30 Saturday night. It is so wonderful to have him home. He brought the children gifts, and lots of pictures of kangaroos and koala bears on his camera. Again, pictures are critical and I will share soon.

Finally, I leave in the morning! Wahoo! 5 days on my own. Pray for my husband and my babies, that they remain peaceful and happy while I'm gone. If I can, I'll update while I'm in New York. Love and blessings!


The Dukes Family said...

Have SOOOOOO much fun!

In His Grip said...

I hope you have so much fun. Can't wait to hear the great report.

Jenny James said...

Have a great time!!!!

Amanda said...

Have a wonderful time on your trip, and enjoy your friend. See when you're home again!

Addison said...

love you and miss you.
Did you get my email before you left?? I hope so. :)